21 Jun @ 12:25 PM
Vote to help Kiwi Volunteer and Community Organizations.

TechTime Blog Theme is a product by a small Kiwi business called TechTime Initiative Group - a busy little company-that-can, people in perpetual motion, robots who never sleep, with an endless cycle of ideas turning into initiatives turning into innovation.

Besides working with local and overseas customers for the last 5 years, we have been involved with local community and volunteer-run organizations. We have seen these work through their day to day routine and have noticed several common and relatively simple problems that we think can be solved better with the use of some intelligent software.

This year Ed Letifov, one of the founders, have applied for AMP "Do You Thing!" Scholarship in the Business/Entrepreneurial category for Wellington/Manawatu region hoping to secure funding for this cause.

If Ed gets the scholarship he plans to devote his time to making a software package that will genuinely simplify the everyday tasks for volunteer-driven and community-driven non-for-profit organizations.

Many components of the final solution have already been developed and tested with our existing non-profit and commercial customers. The final stretch of bringing these together and packaging as an intuitive product remains.

The ultimate goal is to make it affordable and, while funding allows, distribute to non-profits at no charge at all.

AMP has a panel of judges that will select the finalists by October 2010.

In parallel the People's Choice Award runs up until 31st of July 2010.

If you think it is a worthy goal, you can help Ed by casting your vote here:

If you are interested in this development for your own organization or business or want to know more feel free to get in contact.


Posted by Ed Letifov on 21 Jun @ 12:25 PM
03 Apr @ 9:59 AM
Blog Theme Release 0.13.23

In collaboration with Orthopaedia.com a new release: better integration with Personal Spaces, ability to override default L&F via CSS. Try switching skins of this space:

Codegeist 2009 Skin or Default Skin and Codegeist 2009 Wide Skin or Default Wide Skin.

Read more about new 0.13.23 release of TechTime Blog Theme.

Full list of new features includes:
1. Ability to specify an alternative theme banner as logo.* file attached to the space home page
2. Ability to specify custom theme Footer
3. Integration with TechTime EasySEO Plugin
4. Integration with TechTime CSS Switcher Plugin
5. Ability to override layout via CSS


Posted by Ed Letifov on 03 Apr @ 9:59 AM
19 Oct @ 2:30 AM
TechTime Blog Theme

The space itself is decorated with TechTime Blog Theme. BlogTheme exists for more than a year and is being used by many people in the world. The latest additions were German and French localizations.

See more here: TechTime Blog Theme


Posted by Ed Letifov on 19 Oct @ 2:30 AM
16 Oct @ 9:28 AM
TechTime CSS Switcher Plugin

Switch the skin of this space: Codegeist 2009 Skin or Default Skin.

TechTime CSS Switcher Plugin allows one to create changeable skins for Confluence spaces. This would also allow creating a theme without writing a theme plugin.

See more here: TechTime CSS Switcher Plugin


Posted by Ed Letifov on 16 Oct @ 9:28 AM
16 Oct @ 9:27 AM
TechTime EasySEO Plugin

TechTime EasySEO Plugin allows automatic generation of common page SEO attributes - meta information and meta keywords tags, gives more control over titles of the pages and introduces seo-link macro that automatically uses page or blog excerpt as the title in the HTML A tag.

Open the page source to see the current META tags, hover over this link to see title automatically generated from this very blogpost.

See more here: TechTime EasySEO Plugin


Posted by Ed Letifov on 16 Oct @ 9:27 AM
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16 Oct @ 9:20 AM
Blog Theme Release 0.9.38
By Ed Letifov
Labels: wow, the, best, plugin, work

We have just made (the long awaited) Blog Theme Release 0.9.38 available for download
This release targets Confluence 3.x and includes German localization.

We will include localization for French in the next release.

Thus we will have both languages that Confluence supports out of the box supported by the theme.

Recent changes

  1. Numerous fixes to be compatible with Confluence 3.x
  2. Proper localization for all theme-related texts
  3. German localization. Use German titles for special pages the theme relies on: About - Über dieses Blog, Featured Articles - Ausgewählte Artikel, Side Panel - Seitenleiste, Side Panel Part One .. Side Panel Part Nine - Seitenleiste Teil Eins .. Seitenleiste Teil Neun.
  4. Added the server side redirect to news on home page access (available Confluence 2.8+)
  5. Removed default livesearch behavior via GO button


Posted by Ed Letifov on 16 Oct @ 9:20 AM
16 Oct @ 9:19 AM
Blog Theme Release 0.8.22
By Ed Letifov
Labels: plugin, best

After a period of silence we have returned to active development with this theme plugin.
A new version 0.8.22 has just been released with several improvements including more flexibility with the look of the (right) side panel, RSS feeds, fixes for the case when Confluence is not installed as root web-application.

We are planning to follow this up with a release targeting the latest version of Confluence and localization to make it easier to use the theme internationally. Any other suggestions for improvements are greatly appreciated.

If you are still (hopefully) interested in TechTime Blog Theme please review the new version and send us feedback via our Tracker.

Besides, if you have some idea/need for a plugin for your Confluence instance - we'd like to hear it and might be capable of bringing it to life.

Recent changes

  1. Added link to Dashboard to the top (user) menu for authenticated users
  2. Fixed numerous places where links used to break in the case when Confluence was deployed not as a root web application.
  3. Changed RSS links from the Page Options pane. They now include space name in the title. They are now Anonymous for Anonymous users, and use Basic HTTP Authentication for authenticated ones leaving it up to Confluence to filter the data.
  4. Brought auto-discovery RSS links picked up by browsers automatically in line with the Page Options pane. They now include space name in the title. They are now Anonymous for Anonymous users, and use Basic HTTP Authentication for authenticated ones leaving it up to Confluence to filter the data.
  5. It is possible to define page with the name "Side Panel" to completely override the side pannel with it's contents.
  6. It is possible to define the following "parts" to override respective parts of the side panel individually:
    1. Search - Side Panel Part One
    2. About - Side Panel Part Two
    3. Page Options - Side Panel Part Three
    4. Calendar - Side Panel Part Four
    5. Recently Updated - Side Panel Part Five
    6. Popular - Side Panel Part Six
    7. Popular Labels - Side Panel Part Seven
    8. Featured Articles - Side Panel Part Eight
    9. Archive Links - Side Panel Part Nine


Posted by Ed Letifov on 16 Oct @ 9:19 AM
17 Aug @ 2:53 PM
Blog Theme Release 0.7.50
By Ed Letifov
Labels: plugin, useful, nice, work

Support for Confluence 2.8.x, rendering improvements.
Available via Atlassian Plugin Repository or via direct download.
See detailed installation instructions here: http://techtime.org/display/TECHTIME/Blog+Theme+Release+0.7.50
Download: techtime-blog-theme-0.7.50.jar or techtime-blog-theme-0.7.50.jar.zip

Recent changes

  1. Fixed small shift in rigt-side layout between main and view news page
  2. Added a signature similar to the Blog to the Page view
  3. Fixed wrong rendering of user navigation bar in 2.8
  4. Fixed incompatible change to print icon between Confluence 2.7 and 2.8
  5. Fixed problem with Custom colors in 2.8.1
  6. Fixed different alignment of signature in 2.8.1
  7. Fixed issue with breadcrumbs section loosing style in 2.8.1
  8. Removed the extra comment link in View News and View Page modes in 2.8.1
  9. Constrained the footer search to the current space only by default


Posted by Ed Letifov on 17 Aug @ 2:53 PM
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