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About Us

Welcome to BabyWebNZ, a free New Zealand owned and operated information directory.

As a Mum. Midwife and Childbirth Educator, I have found the web a great place for finding out information.

When I first started using the web it took me ages to find what I wanted. Search for "baby" and get "1,777,744,925" results can be a bit off-putting. I decided to put all the web site addresses (domain names), which I found helpful or interesting onto a directory.

Web design was out of my league, so I employed iStance web design.

iStance created which I have written articles for.

I am very grateful to iStance for their help and support for setting up BabyWebNZ.

The images throughout this web site and the BabyWebNZ flyer have been reproduced with permission from Bianca Duimel (Designer Portraits), Rachel Wapenaar and Jo Frances. They are copyright protected by their creators and therefore may not be reproduced without their explicit approval.

BabyWebNZ requires no membership, it is free for all to use.

I have tried to add mainly New Zealand domain names which provide relevant information on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, babies, health, parenting, support services and shopping.

I do not assume any responsibility for the information on any of these web sites. Please see the disclaimer of liability.

Contact me via Request Listing if you wish to have your domain name on BabyWebNZ. Please include a site description, preferred directory page and subtitle. We would also love a reciprocal link from your site.

We do rely on some advertising to cover costs. Placing your logo or ad on BabyWebNZ attracts more attention to your organisation or business. For more information see our advertising page.

Please let other people know about our site, to do this, click on tell a friend at the top right of this page.

I hope you will find BabyWebNZ useful in finding information.


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